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BMNC Rescue

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To All BMNC Members:

View our rescue presentation here:

We're gonna miss you, Dave...

On behalf of our club's rescue effort, we are updating and organizing the volunteer help provided by all of our breed’s Guardian Angels. Who are they? YOU! If you’ve ever done or would like to do any of the following:

  * House an orphaned Newf until a new home is arranged

  * Use up your lunch hour to go check on an impounded Newf

  * Groom a badly neglected coat

  * Bail a Newf out of a pound or unfit home

  * Evaluate a Newf or adoptive family for suitability

  * Transport a Newf from one facility to another

  * Any of the other little things that help us continue to help our breed

Our club covers a huge area – Long Island and New York City to the New Jersey border and upstate into the Catskills. Our goal is to set up an effective network so that we can reach every Newf that needs us. If you'd like to achieve the rank of "Guardian Angel – 1st Class", please take a few minutes to read the following survey.

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