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BMNC Club Members Links

The following links are provided for the benefit of BMNC club members and anyone interested in the Newfoundland breed. BMNC does not endorse, agree, support or in any way sanction or approve any content found in these links/internet sources. It is up to the individual to determine the validity and or legitimacy of the information found from these links/internet sources.
New York Newfoundlands Forum Bluwater Newfoundlands & Schipperkes
Long Island Newf Connection
Newfs By Enchanted Designs
Any negative or personal "bashing" of BMNC members or the club will be grounds for immediate removal of any link from our web site. Link must be public and open to all club members. Prior to a BMNC member posting on the internet: Club permission and approval must be given FIRST by the President of the club and/or the Chair of the event being mentioned.
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